Hi, I am Irina Corcoveanu.

Having you here means a lot to me. First and upmost it means that we share an interest in competition law. So, welcome!

This blog is a bit more than an “ABC” on competition law but still an easy tool at the fingertips of any private/public entity, entrepreneur or even customer.

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As a corporate/in-house/independent lawyer for almost 15 years I have dealt with many sensitive competition matters in Romania and the EU, such as: vertical understandings, cartels, non-compete obligations, unfair competition, abuse of dominance, exchange of sensitive information, advertising and promotions, joint participation in public procurement procedures, mergers, investigations of the relevant authority, competition litigations.

My academical background includes: a PG Diploma on EU Competition Law from King’s College London, a LLM degree in business administration from Bucharest University of Economic Studies and the Law degree from Bucharest University.

On a more private note, I am a strong advocate of a balanced life, sharing my enthusiasm between lawyering and toddlering as well as some earthly sins like: skiing, travelling, interior design or good wine and sushi.

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